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Plumber in London. Providing central heating servicing in London and the surrounding area

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Are you experiencing a plumbing issue? You can rely on local London plumbers to fix everything, from busted pipes to dripping taps! Due to our local base, Dacians Plumbing & Heating Ltd can respond to your emergency situation quickly. We also provide excellent painting and decorating services, as well as water damage repair, to help you undo any damage that may have already happened by the time we arrive.

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Leaking Taps 

Repairing leaks in all kinds of taps and halting leaks in plumbing. All types of Plumbing services in London.

Plumbing Emergencies

Unexpected water Leak? Cracked Pipe? We Provide Emergency Plumbing Services Around-the-Clock.

Repairs & Installations

From small shower unit fixes to a complete shower system replacement, fitting taps, sinks, toilets, baths.

Plumber in London

New Bathroom Installations

Fitting sinks, toilets & baths, complete bathroom refurbishment

Plumbing services Dacians provide

  • Installing showers, sinks, toilets, and taps
  • Repairing damaged pumps and installing new ones
  • Repairing taps, showers, and changing cartridges
  • Finding and repairing leaks
  • Operating plumbing for dishwashing and machine washing
  • Setting up filters and water softeners
  • Fixing the flush mechanisms in toilets
  • All kinds of installations and repairs for shower systems
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